April 2019

Wrote a new feature script: INCUBATOR. And I’m making the movie!

April 6, 2019 // 0 Comments

LOGLINE: When two tech bros move their startup incubator into a “murder house,” they find themselves haunted by a dead girl’s ghost, and by the former tenants, gentrified out to make way for them. Logline’s a bit long but I’ve found that leaving out the “gentrified” part makes it sound like a comedy to some people. Of course there’s humor because I wrote it, but it’s “social horror.” It revolves around the coming jobpocalypse as AI demolishes all the jobs that consist only of what a Brookings Institute report calls “routine task content.” I call them “binder jobs” – jobs where all you do is execute rule sets from “the binder,” no exceptions, no appeal, no variations. TL;DR, don’t go into Payroll thinking that’s going to be a career in five years. There’s a lot more to the social subtexts but, you know, explaining everything I’m putting in it just ruins [MORE]