Brad Vance Script Archive

A PDF library of my scripts to date! You can see produced versions of some of these on my YouTube channel:

A LITTLE TOO BROKEN – SECOND DRAFT of my feature length screenplay adaptation of my novel!

THE BILLION DOLLAR IDEA – Brad is stuck on his latest work for hire. Then The Muse appears, with great ideas that won’t make any money. They fight. Then The Muse makes an offer he can’t refuse.

THE STRONG SILENT TYPE – Judith is dying to show off her new boyfriend Sam to her intern Jezebel, and Sam would love to get a word in edgewise. Good luck with that, Sam!

DISTRACTED DRIVING – When Busy Beau and Screen Star Stormy get in a fender bender in an LA intersection, the question of who’s at fault gets more complicated as a starstruck fan, teen idol Tanner Chatum, and a non-judgmental officer of the law all come together in a far more catastrophic collision.

THE TICKET MASTER – A big Broadway fan has found a way to subsidize his passion, but the Master requires a new Student every night, on whom to work his magic.

THE IMAGINARY MARRIAGE – James has certain times he can’t go to the gym, which is anytime his husband-who-might-have-been-but-then-again-I-could-have-been-wrong will be there.

CAN I BORROW THIS? – True love blooms until one of them asks for the ultimate sacrifice: Can I borrow this book?

CONTACT – Alex and Jane may have found the first signs of extraterrestrial life, but is some other startling revelation closer to hand?

IF ONLY – It’s not easy being an agent of the Counterfactual Intelligence Agency, especially when you’re assigned inside the mind of our Narrator. It’s their job to get him to look forward instead of backwards, and good luck with that.

LOVE IS LOVE – Tom left Alice to marry Nick. They’re all become such good friends that now Nick is leaving Tom to marry Alice.

MFA – The Golden Apple Literary Prize can only be awarded to one of the three finalists, and two of them are determined to see that it doesn’t go to the other one.

THE JOB INTERVIEW – Sean doesn’t want this job, but he’s interviewing for it as a favor to a friend. Stacey very much wants him for the job… even as Sean’s conditions grow ever more outrageous.

VARNEY THE VAMPIRE – Varney and Theresa’s friends have bailed on them, leaving them alone in Theresa’s apartment. Getting to know someone means being honest, and Theresa has to wonder if Varney’s just messing with her when he says he’s a vampire. But she’ll play along and see where this goes.

YOU’VE GOT EIGHT MINUTES – The sun just blew up, and best friends Alpha and Omega have to decide what to do with the eight minutes they have left to live.

A SAFE AND SPECIAL PLACE – Just another night at the theater with Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong Un.


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