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A LITTLE TOO BROKEN, adapted from my novel! FALL 2018 DIVERSE VOICES FINALIST WITH A SCORE OF 9.4 and and “Overall Impression” of **10.0**! Previous coverage of version 6 received a 7.9 with the comment “This is a deeply moving story about an issue rarely explored in TV and film with characters who I believe an audience would be cheering for. I would say it’s highly marketable.” Semifinalist, Diverse Voices Fall 2017; Finalist, Reddit 2017 /r/screenwriting comp, Semifinalist Final Draft Big Break Contest, Diversity Category.

CRUNCH (Pilot episode) NOW ON VIMEO, WATCH HERE! The pilot for my NEW web ensemble series! When Reno’s housing crunch leaves would-be renters with few options, a tech worker who’s lost his job to outsourcing splits his basement into six Hong-Kong style cubicles.

CRUNCH: RENT (Episode 2)  NOW ON VIMEO, WATCH HERE! Liz has defaulted on her $100 payment to Jake, and now Jake must go on a quest to make the rent.

ARRIVING IN 4: NOW ON VIMEO, WATCH HERE! Terry and Rob are waiting the proverbial “four minutes” for their Lyft to show up and take them to their Dad’s funeral.


DID I MISS ANYTHING? One by one, a man watches his friends time travel into the future, where they may or may not be welcome.

THE RED STUFF – Two documentary filmmakers risk their lives to tell the story of the American underclass in the year 2030.

SEE YOU AT THE TOP – A hike up the mountains proves more difficult than expected.

BASED ON AN IDEA BY –  Andy made it big in Hollywood using Ben’s big idea. But he’s constitutionally incapable of giving Ben the only thing he wants in return.


LONG DRIVE FROM HOME – Kenny and Cord are on a road trip. Cord doesn’t know where they’re going, or why he can’t put his suitcase in the trunk.

DISTRACTED DRIVING – When Busy Beau and Screen Star Stormy get in a fender bender in an LA intersection, the question of who’s at fault gets more complicated as a starstruck fan, teen idol Tanner Chatum, and a non-judgmental officer of the law all come together in a far more catastrophic collision.

THE STRONG SILENT TYPE –  Judith is dying to show off her new boyfriend Sam to her intern Jezebel, and Sam would love to get a word in edgewise. Good luck with that, Sam!

THE JOB INTERVIEW – Sean doesn’t want this job, but he’s interviewing for it as a favor to a friend. Stacey very much wants him for the job… even as Sean’s conditions grow ever more outrageous.

LOVE IS LOVE Tom left Alice to marry Nick. They’ve all become such good friends that now Nick is leaving Tom to marry Alice.


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