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“Brad Vance is a talented editor who draws on his own skills as a fiction writer to help projects realize their potential. His keen editorial eye has been invaluable for me as a fiction writer and screenwriter, and his B.S. Detector sniffs out lazy or hackneyed writing from a mile away. He works from a ‘strengths perspective,’ always seeing the potential of a story and helping the writer fulfill that promise. Still, he won’t pull any punches on what you can do to elevate your material. I highly recommend Brad.” – Steven Dente

“What draws me to Brad is his creative intellect. Brad’s a story-crafting phenomenon. He went over my manuscript in a timely manner and all of his notes were absolutely on point. I’m so indescribably glad I decided to bite the bullet and hand over my baby to the master. I truly believe he has just given me the tools to take my story from acceptable to exceptional. Thank you, Brad!” – Kora Knight

“I’d like to give a quick shoutout to Brad Vance, who has helped me get a couple of books out this summer. Brad’s service is fast and professional.” – Krista Lakes, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

“I’d happily recommend Brad for editing services.  I’ve sent a number of projects his way and found that he does what he says he’s going to do, in a timely manner, and communicates well while doing it.” –  Scarlett Skyes

I’m Brad Vance, and I’ve been self publishing my fiction for over five years. I’m my own editor, copy editor, and blurb writer. I’ve been a professional writer for over twenty years under my legal name, Orland Outland.

I’ve been working with writers as a developmental editor for several years now. I’ve helped experienced authors diagnose key issues in their manuscripts, and I’ve helped new writers take “an idea I’ve had for a while” and develop it into a full fledged novel.

Even writers with strong outlines and a well planned ending often find that during the writing process, characters take on a life and will of their own. Or that their research has sent them in a different direction. Or that they’ve just painted themselves into a corner. That’s when they need outside eyes on the story to move forward.

Have you added an extraneous character who slows down the narrative? Can she be converted into someone who contributes, or should she be deleted? Are there unrealistic scenes that just don’t fly? Are you missing the target of the theme of your book?

You may need your characters and their actions examined for structural integrity and continuity – would this person really do that, based on what’s happened so far? Is this ending satisfying and believable? If I’m planning a series, have I set up other characters or secrets that will carry the following books?

I take a lot of pleasure in “breaking story,” as they say in the screenwriting business, and I love helping writers design a set of plans to finish a satisfying tale.

I’ve written romance, adventure, science fiction, cyberthrillers, historical fiction, mysteries, and more. I’m currently working on a mainstream serial killer thriller. I believe story skills are genre-agnostic, but I also understand the tropes and expectations you may (or may not) wish to hit in genre.

Contact me at Tell me what it is you’re looking for, and we can go from there!

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