“Crunch” web series in PREPROD, episode one on Vimeo in NOVEMBER!

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LOGLINE: When a permanently outsourced tech worker becomes strapped for cash, he turns his basement into a low-end dormitory, where six desperate Millennials face a Darwinian struggle to survive. (Tagging this with “Comedy” so you don’t think it’s Saw or something!) It’s true! This is really truly happening! We’re filming the first episode this month, and then if it lands with The Vimeogoing Public, we’re off to the races… And I could use your financial help, please click here on my Sponsor page for details 🙂 You can read the episode one script here. And there are links on my sponsor page to more. As I mentioned, getting that callback was a life changer, because it told my head, conclusively, that I can do this, and that my head should shut the fuck up with all its negatude and naysaying! This is my first foray into directing, and Thank The FSM I have a great DP who’s going to hold my hand through it. I’ve been immersed [MORE]

Episode 2 of “Crunch” is done! Read it here!

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Here’s the latest edition of episode 1, after a pass through my screenwriters’ group and a staging in acting class. And here’s the first draft of episode 2! And episode 3 is almost written, still missing an essential component but it’s coming. I’m really flying on these. I have a friend who’s volunteered to film it, lots of actors willing to be in it, and of course I have the location any time I want it! So it’s really happening! We should be filming by early November at the LATEST!  Part of setting the whole thing in the house was to give it a desperate / claustrophobic feel, but also because it’s the only location I can access any time I want. That’s one logistical challenge I won’t face! My confidence is sky high right now in the creative department. I auditioned for a role in a Real Motion Picture, and not only did I get a callback but I got phenomenal feedback on said callback from a big LA casting director. Which [MORE]

The Bradish Empire Expands! Read “Crunch,” my web series pilot script!

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Here it is! (Updated version 10/3/17) LOGLINE: When Reno’s housing crunch leaves would-be renters with few options, a permanently outsourced tech worker splits his basement into six cubicle-sized living quarters. Hey if you wanna be a movie star, you gotta make your own movies, right? I wrote this earlier this summer but then it was Lyme Disease time and I just lost the thread of, well, everything. And yes of course I’ll be playing the semi-unscrupulous landlord / Master of the House. It’s gonna be batshit ensemble comedy, of course, but it’ll deal with all the stuff we’re dealing with here in Reno now. Housing is well nigh impossible to find, even the sketchy weekly motels are full up. And I’m planning on casting from my local acting class, to play the underemployed youngsters / reluctant tenants. With (I fervently hope) the chaos and disorder of this summer behind me and some stability ahead, this is on my agenda for the fall, to at least get the [MORE]

“A Little Too Broken” Screenplay v.6 is UP! Some big changes!

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Here’s the link on Google Drive! I took a lot of the feedback I got from my 7.8 contest evaluation, which gave it a “strong consider, and not far from a recommend.” The evaluator pointed out that there was no obstacle to Jamie+Tom on Jamie’s side, once they’re Go for Relationship. I fixed that 🙂 The problem was getting something in here that felt “dramatic” but not “melodramatic,” which is always a problem (I hate the word challenge, it’s been ruined by corporatespeak) in a romance. And Tom needed more agency at the end. In the novel and previous drafts of the script, Jamie pushes him into the confrontation with his family, and it’s more powerful if Tom comes to that decision on his own. And I think by adding two lines of dialogue, I solved the problem called out re “what do these two characters have to lose if they don’t make it in this relationship?” Not everyone in my writers’ group is a [MORE]

“Conning Colin” will be an Audiobook!

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Yeah, too funny. I’d given up on making money on these. Put out The Road Home and said, “screw it, I’m not even going to promo this, I’m done with audiobooks, there’s no money in it.” And it made $300 in August. And… I just realized that both Marc and Jesse audiobooks were miscategorized on Audible (one as “fiction / contemporary” for God’s sake, even they’re totally classed as fiction / romance / GAY on Amazon). So the reason they didn’t sell, I DON’T KNOW MAYBE BECAUSE NO GAY ROMANCE LISTENERS EVER SAW THEM? Ok, end caps 🙂 Water, bridge, etc. Put an email into Audible about it. That’s what I get for trusting Anyone And Anything Related To Amazon To Get Shit Right The First Time. I know, Conning Colin, the novel, was a box office disaster. Even though it’s, after Apollo’s Curse, my best book. But I think there are various and sundry reasons for that, including timing (and Amazon [MORE]

NEW SCRIPT! “Based on an Idea By…”

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First draft 🙂 but hey! I’m writing again. It’s been a cluster of a summer, with Lyme Disease being the real kick in the ass. So I haven’t been productive at all. But! Some good news lately, which I’ll talk about when I can, which I don’t think I can now, since it might turn out to be even better news, so I won’t 🙂 But trust me, it was some amazing personal/creative validation, and I’m feeling a hell of a lot better about, IDK, everything. This summer… Mom had afib, I almost had a F/T technical writer job I didn’t really want and that would have put me in my grave but I was ready to do it because bills and then I got ramped up for that and poof gone, then there was Lyme disease, and the gnawing terror that it would end up being chronic, on top of the insane headaches, you know, every fucking minute for weeks, and this, that, the other… And for the first time in my life, none of the things in a string of disasters was my [MORE]

A Little Too Broken script gets 7.8 “Strong Consider, not far from Recommend”!

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From my first reader in the WeScreenplay Diverse Voices contest! And, so as not to bury the lead, here’s the Google Drive link to the PDF of this version. Which is pretty fookin’ great. I’ve heard as few as 1% and no more than 5% of scripts get through a reader with a Recommend, and with the changes he/she’s proposing, which make perfect sense and which some in my screenwriting group have called out… Yeah. Big Time: MARKETABILITY: LOW / MEDIUM / HIGH With two strong, complex protagonists, this script has a lot of marketing appeal. It has a unique point of view and a strong message. It would probably garner an R rating, which feels right for the story, since it’s not a sunshine and-rainbows romantic comedy. Making it edgier allows for more substantial exploration of love and intimacy. The way it’s written, it would also be easy to produce, with only a few locations and no major set pieces. OVERALL: PASS / CONSIDER / RECOMMEND This is a strong [MORE]

“A Little Too Broken” script version 5.2 is UP and submitted to contests!

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Here’s the Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6TXe7KJuW7hVUZCbXVEVFFIMGs I’m emotionally exhausted. Every time I go through this script, it’s time for another crying jag. And of course, I miss my delusions of grandeur, the days when I woke up singing and pounded out 2500 words, three books a year, because this time, this time, this time, this was the book that would make me rich… When you lose that, well, you win your sanity, sure. But, fuck, it’s hard some days to get up and write in the face of “probably not” instead of “definitely absolutely.” But, that said. I forked out (well, Visa did) for three contests, including Diverse Voices again. We’ll [MORE]

Adapting “Less than a Person” and the Hitchcock Rule!

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Yeah, I realized I did a lot of posting on my ALTB screenplay progress, and I want to do the same for this one. Amazing that I decided at the end of January to write the ALTB script, and finished at the beginning of April, and placed as a finalist (top 20 out of 200) in the Reddit /screenwriting competition in June… And I’ve made even more improvements to it since then. TAKEAWAY: Never ever listen to humba dumba people who tell you to “throw your first screenplay away, and the next, and the next.” They’re blowhards who want to pontificate, and make the whole thing sound impossible so don’t try, humba dumba doo. If you read the How To books (I can’t recommend Crafty Screenwriting enough, very nuts and bolts), you learn the most important things very fast: How to format a script. No, you won’t look cool if you don’t use Courier. (I use Courier Prime because it’s bolder/darker and more readable on the printed page, but [MORE]