“Conning Colin” audiobook is live! Narrated by… me :)

July 17, 2018 // 2 Comments

It’s here on Audible! Coming soon to Amazon and iTunes! Colin O’Neill has been in a rut for some time now. Whether it’s his acting career or his newly-discovered identity as a gay man, he can’t seem to get any traction in his job or his love life. What he needs is a change. What he needs is a shock to his system. What he needs is Hamilton. Hamilton. Dillinger. Harrison. He goes by different names to fulfill a world of different fantasies, but he’s most popular as Hamilton, the escort who acts and dresses like he’s worth a million bucks. Few people know the man behind the character, Henry Davis. He’s yet another New Yorker living on the financial edge, cobbling together jobs in the sex industry to make a living. Henry wants nothing more than to drop the facade, to live in cargo shorts and an old Mets t-shirt, working as a screenwriter, to be free from playing the part of the high class lover. But first, he’s got to write the perfect [MORE]

STABITHA Marches On!

July 2, 2018 // 0 Comments

Sales are umm not great? I’m definitely not founding a movie studio on the profits so far! But the reviews coming in, they validate what I knew: that Brian is a character people really love. This may be a Fight Club scenario. The get rich quick scheme (ebook selfpub and targeted ads) didn’t work, but that isn’t the end of the story this time. Conning Colin failed at the box office, and that was that, because outside Amazon there’s really no market for gayrom. But Stabbers, I know this will be successful if I can just get people to open it, start it… It’s going to be about hitting bookstores, blogs, podcasts, one by one. Reaching out to strangers to convince them to do something I want them to do, yeah, not my strong suit. Like most writers, I think, and the reason Tradpub will always stay in business – we don’t want to do the lobbying, we want “them” to do it, the people who are good at it! I can’t give up on this [MORE]

“Stabitha” is Live Tomorrow! And what comes next…

June 25, 2018 // 0 Comments

Time for a public angst dump. My bookie wookie goes live tomorrow, the first book that… Well, a lot of firsts. First thriller/attempt at the mainstream, first time I’ve had live feedback from other writers as I wrote a novel, first time I’ve done what I was told re: cover, blurb, marketing, advertising. And first time I’ve had a real chance at making some BANK. The timing’s perfect, market-wise. I didn’t know when I started Stabitha in November that serial killers would be such a hot trend right now. I buy analytics from K-Lytics and from June of last year, when serial killers were like (numbers, but I’m close) 22nd hottest mystery category… to 2nd hottest in January. So let’s hope I ride the wave… This is really “get rich or die in a ditch time,” because I have no Plan B. I’ve ignored most job openings (save for one incredibly absurd failure) because if Stabbers really flies, I’m going to be a busy [MORE]

SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS from “A Little Too Broken ” to IAVA and Veterans’ Groups!

June 2, 2018 // 0 Comments

Technically I probably passed the $6,000 mark a month or two ago but I haven’t been keeping exact accounting (no doubt why I have $1.52 in savings!). At any rate, even with ALTB pulling in very very little money, I’ve set a default donation of $20 to IAVA every month anyway. Hard to believe the book’s been out since November 2013, 4 1/2 years… It’s been a novel, then an audiobook, then a screenplay (a master class in adaptation, learning what to leave out of a book and oops fuck that should have been in the book). I have low hopes for ever seeing the movie made, because the only gay that’s selling in Hollywood is YA gay, probably because US YA stories don’t port to Russia or China or other anti gay markets anyway, so there’s no financial risk… That said, writing it taught me how to write for the screen, so not a total loss! Anyway. IAVA is a great organization. Unlike other orgs, they never sent me calendars or stamps or mouse pads [MORE]

STABITHA IS DONE!! Coming June 19th!

May 26, 2018 // 2 Comments

Yep, I finished. It’s out to a few “power readers,” people I’ve worked with who I know are really good with story and won’t just say, “uh yeah I liked it”! I need this thing poked and prodded until it’s the best it can be. I have a few objective readers who LOVE IT as much as I do, and think it could really go boom. This is the first time I’ve had live feedback on a novel as I wrote it, as well, so the development’s been much stronger than any other book I’ve done. I’ve bet the farm on this book. It’s either get rich or die in a ditch. Or, worse, a return to the barren hellscapes of Cubicle City. Which I’m just refusing to think about right now. One day, I’ll tell you the hilarious story of my imaginary Articulate user ID, Eliza Weizenbaum and how I didn’t get a job because of “her.” But not today. Seriously, if Stabbers takes off, I’m having a motherfucking Facebook Live [MORE]

CRUNCH #2 in production! A sneak peek from Day One of filming!

May 13, 2018 // 0 Comments

Mind you this is me cobbling together a “post prod storyboard” for my real editor, more than anything else. No color correction, brightness, sound, etc. Just my choices of the best takes, reactions, and how I see them mixing together. I took down my “support” page because Certain People in the writing community fucked that up for all of us, but as costs mount for Crunch, I’m thinking of trying again. I put a new, more powerful computer on the credit card so I can start to learn video editing. What you see was done (barely) in Camtasia Studio, wherein the playback was so wobbly I kept having to publish, watch, edit, publish, watch… I’m installing Lightworks because, yeah, it’s free as well as powerful. We’ll see how that is going forward, but I’m super happy with where I got on my first try! Take a look 🙂   [MORE]

“Stabitha” is NEARLY FINISHED! Mid June Pub Date!

May 7, 2018 // 0 Comments

60k words and closing in on the big finish… So proud of this book. If I can’t monetize this, I give up. I’ve put up older versions of some of this, but… this is close to final. Enjoy 🙂 CHAPTER ONE   It doesn’t bother me, the sight of this young woman’s corpse. It was a messy death, blood everywhere, a nice juicy artery slit open while she was still chock full of fluid and very much alive. There’ll be plenty of work for ServPro in this apartment! The bed’s a total loss, and the area rugs, and I bet the walls are going to need more than just repainting. It’s a horrifying scene, no doubt. But it’s just a dead body. And so its motionless tragic tableau fails to move me. It got to a lot of the patrol cops, I could tell, and the EMS folks. It angered them, the permanently inert form of this twentysomething kindergarten teacher, a “citizen,” one of the good guys. Someone they’d have asked out on a date, if only they could have screwed up the [MORE]