ALL BOOKS (Stabitha soon!) OUT OF KU! On Sale Everywhere!

September 10, 2018 // 0 Comments

(Well, everywhere in a day or so.) I did it! I escaped the gingerbread house, and the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the Northwest! I know, mixin’ up my witches. Stabitha’s still in till 9/23; I had no choice as a first time writer in the serial killer thriller genre but to go in to KU for the 90 day minimum, because Amazon will fuckin’ BURY YOU in the new releases if you don’t. Not that you don’t get buried anyway under the weight of all the promo they do to ensure that their in-house Montlake and Lake Union serial killer titles rule the list… And not that it mattered since the best serial killer thriller since Silence of the Lambs tanked anyway, but still. The likelihood of any sudden great backlist income from going wide is, well, I’ve been down this road before, pretty close to zero. But I’ve gone back to the abusive relationship authors have with Amazon again and again, and this time, I’m noping right out of there for good. [MORE]

COVER REVEAL for Stabitha’s sequel… ALL BOOKS OUT of KU in September!

August 31, 2018 // 0 Comments

Yes, it’s true. 7000 words so far on… HAPPY FAMILIES, the sequel to Stabbers! In which Adam’s “perfect fucking family,” seen on his living room walls by baffled anthropologists Brian and Carrie in book one, is revealed to be maybe sort of not so happy after all, or happy at some terrible price… For the first time ever, I’m not abandoning a series because “there’s no money in it.” Why? Details below. I’m pretty sure now that there’s no money in anything I write. I mean fuck, Stabitha is amazing. Brilliant. It takes every serial-killer-thriller cliche and shoots them in the head. Which is probably why it didn’t sell. People want the Pringle, the same goddamn chip out of the can every time, the comfort of the familiar, the predictable: Hero Cop is Tortured by Unsolved Murder of Beautiful [white] Girl, Brilliant Serial Killer Taunts Him with (as Brian put it) Letters Full of Wingdings Put Through the Wood [MORE]

“A Little Too Broken” Screenplay gets a 7.9 for LATEST VERSION!

August 17, 2018 // 0 Comments

Which is a damn good score! You can read version 7 here! I took the judge’s notes to heart about cutting down the big speeches, and did my own hard pass over unnecessary parentheticals etc. It’s down from 104 to 100 pages now. Here are his positive notes on the script: You’ve written a very original story exploring a world that most of us are clueless about – what it’s like to live with HIV, the fear of coming out to your family and the struggles amputee vets have with PTSD and suicide. It’s a story that needs to be told because it’s far too easy for us who haven’t served to forget about the horrible aftermath of war and what people are dealing with all over this country. It’s a heartbreaking story with a nice dose of redemption to balance things out. There’s an authenticity to the characters and their struggles – it all feels very truthful and perhaps drawn from firsthand experience. Nice job with creating two contrasting lead characters. All [MORE]

Crunch #2 rough cut is DONE!!! Also coming – Stabitha: The Audiobook!

July 28, 2018 // 0 Comments

Sound issues, are most of what sets it out as Rough and not Final. But I’m working with my sound guy to fix all that, and the final will be out in a few weeks! IN THE MEANTIME, here’s a link to the rough cut! DON’T use your data plan because the 4K file is 2GB!  Again, sound isn’t done and music is placeholders, and some fucking times the goddamn software just won’t let me sync lips and speech, or it will, but the final product… isn’t. Grrr. Again, all to be solved. But it’s solidly “what it is” in terms of story. I’m not a fan of secrecy when it comes to works in progress. Come on, your script’s not Star Wars. Nobody’s gonna steal it. You’re better off having more people see your stuff rather than less. I read so many books about movies, how the sausage is made, and what if you could see the rough cuts of some of them, what if you could see for yourself what changes were made… But barring what [MORE]

Stabitha, Game Players, and more news!

July 18, 2018 // 0 Comments

Well, Stabitha tanked at the box office. What can you do? Lead horse water etc. I know it’s only a month but, that’s Amazon for you. I had to bet on KU with a new title in a new genre for me, and I’m nearing Amazon’s 30 day cliff, designed to punish writers who don’t publish every month or two. It’ll be out of KU, along with all my other books, in September. Seriously, fuck KU. Amazon spends all their time making sure your friends (not even other authors, but people who they somehow mysteriously know are your friends) can’t review your book, taking a microscope to your cover to make sure there’s no nipple slipping, randomly removing your KU pages because you’ve been burned at the stake as a scammer with no recourse or even ability to ask why… Well, with all that important work going on, there’s no resources left for anyone to, you know, check a book over 1,000 pages to see if it’s legit and not a stuffer scam. [MORE]

“Conning Colin” audiobook is live! Narrated by… me :)

July 17, 2018 // 2 Comments

It’s here on Audible! Coming soon to Amazon and iTunes! Colin O’Neill has been in a rut for some time now. Whether it’s his acting career or his newly-discovered identity as a gay man, he can’t seem to get any traction in his job or his love life. What he needs is a change. What he needs is a shock to his system. What he needs is Hamilton. Hamilton. Dillinger. Harrison. He goes by different names to fulfill a world of different fantasies, but he’s most popular as Hamilton, the escort who acts and dresses like he’s worth a million bucks. Few people know the man behind the character, Henry Davis. He’s yet another New Yorker living on the financial edge, cobbling together jobs in the sex industry to make a living. Henry wants nothing more than to drop the facade, to live in cargo shorts and an old Mets t-shirt, working as a screenwriter, to be free from playing the part of the high class lover. But first, he’s got to write the perfect [MORE]

STABITHA Marches On!

July 2, 2018 // 0 Comments

Sales are umm not great? I’m definitely not founding a movie studio on the profits so far! But the reviews coming in, they validate what I knew: that Brian is a character people really love. This may be a Fight Club scenario. The get rich quick scheme (ebook selfpub and targeted ads) didn’t work, but that isn’t the end of the story this time. Conning Colin failed at the box office, and that was that, because outside Amazon there’s really no market for gayrom. But Stabbers, I know this will be successful if I can just get people to open it, start it… It’s going to be about hitting bookstores, blogs, podcasts, one by one. Reaching out to strangers to convince them to do something I want them to do, yeah, not my strong suit. Like most writers, I think, and the reason Tradpub will always stay in business – we don’t want to do the lobbying, we want “them” to do it, the people who are good at it! I can’t give up on this [MORE]

“Stabitha” is Live Tomorrow! And what comes next…

June 25, 2018 // 0 Comments

Time for a public angst dump. My bookie wookie goes live tomorrow, the first book that… Well, a lot of firsts. First thriller/attempt at the mainstream, first time I’ve had live feedback from other writers as I wrote a novel, first time I’ve done what I was told re: cover, blurb, marketing, advertising. And first time I’ve had a real chance at making some BANK. The timing’s perfect, market-wise. I didn’t know when I started Stabitha in November that serial killers would be such a hot trend right now. I buy analytics from K-Lytics and from June of last year, when serial killers were like (numbers, but I’m close) 22nd hottest mystery category… to 2nd hottest in January. So let’s hope I ride the wave… This is really “get rich or die in a ditch time,” because I have no Plan B. I’ve ignored most job openings (save for one incredibly absurd failure) because if Stabbers really flies, I’m going to be a busy [MORE]