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Wow, so ALL FIVE “Luke” stories are BANNED in the Apple Store.  Perversely, last week they rejected #1 and accepted #2-5…Now this week they’re “unapproved.”  Of course they don’t explain in particular, only that they’re rejected for “Prohibited Explicit or Objectionable Content.”  No doubt some bluenose who “just happened” to be shopping for GAY EROTICA discovered them and complained! So…here’s where you can find the printed word, uncensored: Thanks for your [MORE]

Sneak Peek at Tyler’s Pirate Island Manhunt!

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Okay, this one is ROLLING.  Should be going to press with this next week.  Here’s an extended preview: Dark Bar was mobbed as usual on a Friday night.  But Tyler loved it, loved the crush of hard bodies as he squeezed himself through the press to get to the bar.  His bare torso slipped across other bare torsos, or scratchy wife beaters, or slick leather jackets whose zippers and buttons nipped and scratched at his skin.  Hands were everywhere, like centipede legs pushing and pulling at him as he inched through the crowd, some grabbing at his cock but mostly reaching for his ass. His now famous ass, he smiled to himself, as the bartender dropped what he was doing to serve him.  “Two Stellas?” he asked Tyler, who nodded.  He wished he could remember the bartender’s name…he just called him “37” now, since he’d been number 37 in line when Tyler had starred in “60 Cocks in 60 Minutes” right here in Dark Bar’s bathroom. “On me,” 37 said with a wink. [MORE]

Sam’s Reluctant Submission is UP at the ‘ZON!

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My latest story is up here at  Coming later today to  Here’s a 3,000 word sneak peek at the 11,000 word story of Sam and Derek, the first of a series…if you guys like it that is! What do you do with your last five bucks? Sam knew what he was going to do with his, after he woke with a start from his nightmare.  He’d been running through a dark forest, sensing, knowing, that some pursuer was on his heels.  An animal?  A man?  Men?  Monsters?  Even asleep, his training kicked in, demanding the information he needed to assess the threat, but dreams were lousy at filling you in on the details you’d need in real life.  All the dream would let him know was that something was after him, and being caught would be…so bad.  His heart racing, he scrambled through the undergrowth, his rational mind trying to tell him that everything he was doing was wrong – leaves and twigs crunching noisily under his racing feet, branches snapping as his hands [MORE]

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Originally posted on Confessions of a Boy Toy:
No one can deny the inherent sexiness of a man in uniform with the added appeal of subverted homoerotic tendencies in military culture. Well, the Spanish military are certainly milking it. Here are some images of men in the traditional Spanish Legion’s parade uniform. The tight pants, [MORE]

Sam’s Reluctant Submission…Cover Dude

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I like to select my cover picture early in the writing process, and this pic got HUGE +’s on G+, so I’m posting it here as well.  This is for what I hope will be a new series, “Sam’s Reluctant Submission.”  Of course, you guys will have to buy it to make that happen [MORE]

My Workout – Plotting Mix

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So I do a lot of my plotting when I’m working out at the gym.  Here’s a sample of the music that gets my imagination going: Pet Shop Boys – Sodom and Gomorrah ShowLadytron – Destroy Everything You TouchStill Going – Spaghetti CircusLCD Soundsystem – I Can ChangeThe Gossip – Standing in the Way of ControlDelta 5 – Mind Your Own BusinessB-52’s – Dirty Back RoadGlass Candy – BeatificSimple Minds – New Gold DreamMost of FabricLive.36, co-DJ’d by James MurphyThe Juan McLean – Happy House Any suggestions you got based on the above are most welcome [MORE]

Luke/Slader Bundle at A.R.E.

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  All right, for those of you just getting started with Luke and Slader, I’ve uploaded a four-part bundle to AllRomanceEbooks (now that this story is officially a romance, albeit a strange sideways unconventional one for sure…).  And, you should join Google+ and check out the M/M Erotica page for a little more information I’m only sharing with [MORE]