Sneak Peek at Luke V!

February 5, 2013 // 0 Comments

It’s almost done…probably going to run about 10,000 words by the time it’s ready!  Luke and Slader are EPIC now! Here’s the first 2000 words for you: Luke was busting his ass to finish a website development project when his phone chimed with an incoming text.  Once upon a time he would have had the thing on silent when he was working this hard, but that wasn’t an option any more.  He was Slader’s man now, and when Slader called, Luke answered.  He finished the task at hand so he wouldn’t forget where he was, and picked up the phone.  Sure enough, it was from Slader. Dinner at eight.  Luke smiled.  Slader was always straight to the point.  And it wasn’t a question but a command.  He looked at the clock.  Shit, it was already seven!  Time always flew when he was deeply involved in a project, and Slader knew that, respected that, always gave him just enough time, just enough warning…but no more than just enough.  Always just enough that Luke [MORE]

Beck’s Cruisy Motel Hookup is up!

January 21, 2013 // 0 Comments

Here at, coming soon to and iStore.  Here’s a free sample… Beck couldn’t believe his eyes.  It had only taken a second to see what he’d seen as he passed this motel room on the way to his own, but what he’d seen had been burned into his retinas.  Half of him had wanted to, had tried to stop and stare, but the other half had kept control of his legs and kept him moving.  The room he’d looked into was dark, save for a shaft of light from the bathroom.  It was the movement that had caught his eye, unexpected in a motel room with open curtains.  Two men were on the bed, silhouetted in the bathroom light, one on his back, naked, his legs in the air above him.  And over him, on top of him, was a taller, leaner man, pinning the other’s hands to the baseboard.  He still had his baggy black t-shirt on, his cargo shorts down around his knees, as he pumped furiously, slamming his cock into the other man’s ass, knocking his head against the [MORE]

…And I never linked to Luke/Slader IV…

January 11, 2013 // 0 Comments

Put up the “under construction” post but that was it…so much going on…sorry, man! Here are the links to it on Amazon, Smashwords and BN/Nook.  And here’s another excerpt in addition to the one on the AMZ and BN pages (can’t “work blue” at SW because they distribute to Apple, and all that dirty talk is an Apple Store No-No).  This is the opening, picking up right where Part III left off… Luke was silent in the cab home from the restaurant, because Slader was silent as well.  Luke kept stealing looks at his new master, who was looking out the window at the streets.  “His new master” – how strange that sounded.  How silly, to say it out loud, if he dared…  There was so much to think about.  He fingered the slender silver chain around his neck, the blood surging to his crotch at the touch.  When he accepted that gift, he had accepted the role of Slader’s slave, and what that would mean was still to be determined.  [MORE]

Tyler II is up at Amazon and Smashwords!

January 11, 2013 // 0 Comments

Here’s the link to Amazon, and here’s the Smashwords version.  Still pubbing at BN/Nook but coming soon. Also pubbing on AMZ right now (should be up by tomorrow), a Luke/Slader bundle, all four stories so far for the price of three.  Thanks again for your support! I’m thinking Jim, Slader’s younger brother and fellow Marine, might need his own series next…what do you think of this [MORE]

Hey to all the Evan J. Xavier fans!

January 9, 2013 // 0 Comments

Hey to everyone visiting from Evan J. Xavier’s blog, and for all you Brad Vance regulars, check out his interview with me here! As a thank you, here’s the first part of my next story, Tyler’s Pirate Island Gangbang… The invitation to the Pirate Island video release party came in the mail a week after Tyler’s own successful audition at the studio. Well, he thought with a smile, at least I don’t have to worry about what to wear. He double checked himself in the mirror before leaving the house. Tight faded jeans, check. Black boots, check. Pirate Island Video t-shirt with the trademark skull and crossbones, check. He’d thought about jacking off before going out. The last thing he wanted was to be so excited by the hot guys all around him that he started drooling. Taking the edge off might be just the thing…but then Tyler thought, fuck it. If I can’t drool on hot guys at a release party for a porn video, where the hell can I? The party was at Dark Bar, [MORE]

Luke’s Brutal Abduction III – Too Hot for Amazon?

December 24, 2012 // 0 Comments

“Luke III” is stuck “IN REVIEW” at Amazon…that means they found something potentially NASTY! Readers of the series know there’s nothing Luke gets he doesn’t want and ask for, but while we hang fire waiting for publication, you can buy it at Smashwords!  And here’s an EXPLICIT excerpt for you that picks up where the SW and AMZ (some day!) excerpts leave off: “Now I don’t have to hear any more of your bullshit,” Slader said, walking back to the cabinet.  Halfway there, Luke heard him stop, then abruptly rush back, pick up the belt, and lay it across Luke’s ass even harder – higher up this time, closer to the tail bone, closer to the bundle of nerves at the base of the spine.  Luke screamed with the pain, but the ball did its job, turning it into a muffled whimper.  He felt Slader’s hand reach between his legs, the tail end of the belt in his hand.  “Yeah, those are some nice big balls you got there.”  Gently, [MORE]

“Tyler’s” Uncensored Cover

December 11, 2012 // 0 Comments

Hey guys, “Tyler’s Pirate Island Audition” is up on Kindle.  Of course I had to put the skull and crossbones over that ass for approval purposes, so here’s a look at what the cover would have looked like in a better world.  Enjoy! [MORE]