#2 is up – “Rough Workout in the Locker Room”

October 17, 2012 // 0 Comments

  Now we’re cooking…my second story is up on Kindle – click here to see more.  Just getting into the Smashwords How-To and I’ll be branching out there soon as well.  Thanks to Aubrey Watt for another great cover!  Working on my next one now – “Luke’s Brutal Abduction” will be up [MORE]

My first Kindle Single is up!

October 12, 2012 // 2 Comments

Hey, guys and gals, I’m Brad Vance, and I’ve just “popped my cherry” on Kindle Direct Publishing.  My first story, “Good Cop, Bad Boy” is available here. If you like the adventures of Officer Mike, there’s more to come… But my next story is the first in the “After Hours” series.  Cal’s the janitor at an upscale gym, and there’s one guy whose workout always lasts till closing time.  Cal doesn’t get overtime though, so someone’s going to have to make it worth his while to stay late!  I’ll be posting an excerpt soon; look for it on KDP early next [MORE]